Wintex – A successful company

Wintex was born in 1958. It is a Company specialized in production of special jewels, like the famous Cherì, a ring-shaped watch, with seven sides covered by crystals (Swaroski). An example of Swiss accuracy and French originality. It is available in many colours.

Oblò instead, is a bracelet-shaped waterproof watch, available in different brilliant colours. Forty years of business, has made Wintex, a company able to dispense watches and jewels to the most important companies in the world, like Caldex, an Italian Company in Milan which produces jewels, in cooperation with the Ambrosini’s company. The Ambrosini’s Company brings out a particular jewel for the Summer 2010: Ghiacciolo, a jewel made by brilliants and other precious stones.

The General Managers of the Company Caldex/Ambrosini are Giovanni, Cristian and Valerio Sutti. The Company produces jewels for countries like France, Spain, Germany, Norway, and United Kingdom, with the same success attained in Italy.


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