Winter Jewelry

Using artisan techniques to work felt, many artists are sticking to jewelry “felt-like”.

Maria Eife, Binary

American Hillary Dees assembles various elements to create multi-strand necklaces in boiled wool or felt and rings in organic shapes.  She mixes wood chips, oxidized copper shells and dried cactus to form a twisted and bizarre figure of nature.

Muyao Zhang

Jessi Jordan brings fat diamonds to life in white felt on cold bands, highlighting their outline with pastel colored yarn.  Lizzie Pearce from England has an entire jewel-bound zoo in felt, from a fox pin to pigeon rings that make even the ones who torment monuments in our squares seem nice. On the other hand, Maria Eife designs felt necklaces cut with a laser, transforming the question “What?” into graphics through binary code.

Lizzie Pearce

For those who look for good weather, Louise Perrone uses pieces cut from ties and scraps of silk to color bijoux or she cuts up old flags and changes them into bangles to manipulate as long as you like.  Muyao Zhan, Chinese artist of German adoption, creates long necklaces with contrasting colors braided and knotted together in pvc and silk ribbons.  As warm as scarves or vivacious as spring, these jewels have what it takes to win us over all year round.

Hillarey Dees
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