Vicenzaoro Fall Special 2: 6-10 September 2014

September is one of the most anticipated editions: from the 6th to the 10th, Vicenzaoro Fall makes a comeback as the Italian and International jewelry fair chosen by retailers interested in stocking up for the Christmas holidays. Versatile designers and contemporary brands, master craftsman and industry experts all flock to the Venetian city of gold to meet up with individual and collective buyers.



In a classic diamond cut, 57 facets are not enough anymore. At www.emotion.it high standards are the norm where beautiful gems and creative cuts – personalized too – combine with the guarantee of an attentive gemological analysis conducted with state of the art instruments. However, E-motion is also laser engraving, prototyping and creating jewels, appraisal, packaging. Online excellence and innovation thanks to access to a wide assortment of GIA, HRD, IGI certifications offered at competitive prices. Service, logistics, and customer care builds their patron base.

Pad. 2.2 – stand 213


marea 1MAREA 2

Time has no secrets for Gierre as they witnessed a significant customer increase thanks to their integrity and variety in the world of time pieces. A distributor of the wide variety of Marea watches around Italy: analog, classic models to colorful nineteen equipped with the most advanced technology with more movements; digital, visual impact screen, technological, colorful and easy to use; analog/digital, bold design and technical efficiency that combines a classic with complex functions any precision timepiece should have.

Pad. 3 – Stand 2021



giulia jewelsGIULIA 2

In 2012 the female entrepreneurial spirit of mother-daughter team Giulia and Graziella gave life to Giulia Jewels. Forty years’ experience in the jewelry industry and background in the family gold business business ranked at the top of its peers, Giulia Jewels specializes in up-market costume jewelry that highlights womanhood and elegance in the wearer. Credit goes to quality, careful workmanship, creativity, and a passion for typical Italian beauty.

 Pad. 5 – Stand GL 32


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