UTOPIA. A family calling

The Gaia family as Gemmindustria Gaia has been supplying large jewelers with pearls and precious gemstones for over sixty years. Their Utopia brand which started fourteen years ago with young dynasty heiress Anna Gaia who is also CEO of the company, has given to pearl jewelry a contemporary style that has won over new generations and has contributed to a rebirth of the pearl and pearl jewelry around the world.

Anna Gaia
Anna Gaia

Why did you choose pearls from the South Seas?

They are part of our history, we have always imported pearls. Until the 70s, Akoya pearls dominated the market, then cultivations appeared in the south seas. We were among the first to discover them.

Australian and Tahitian pearls are synonymous with luxury ….

They are not for the mass market. We have a collection of one of a kind pieces with uniquely shaped pearls. We create them at our Milan atelier and they are the result of the dialogue between a goldsmith and a designer. Pricing reflects their value proportionately. It is one of the two souls of Utopia.

 Do you mean that there is a more democratic soul?

For 2015 we targeted a less elitist market. We found an engineering solution for gold bracelets, chokers, and rings that are light and flexible.

 Is it true that you are successful in China?

They liked us immediately. In Asia, women have a modern vision for jewelry.


Utopia becomes reality …

In China just like in other parts of the world, we have our followers. In the United States we attended several events organized by our distributors and we met buyers from Malaysia and China.

 How important is it to know the world of pearls?

Very, and it is my passion. Before Utopia debuted I lived in Darwin and worked on a pearl farm. For an entire year I selected pearls and studied their classification systems.

 Do you go back to Australia often?

No, I travel mostly to visit clients. It helps me understand customer preferences. I don’t believe in those who talk about globalization. In Kazakistan, customers have an ottoman style so they like powerful pieces and they prefer colors like green, blue, orange; in the United States, minimal rules; in the Middle East, Golden pearls are worn on dark robes; in Bahrein I met a collector who went to great lengths to fish uncultivated pearls. Not perfect, not large, but 7NBancor, rare and fascinating.

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