Tubo Gas. Very flexible jewels

In 1988 the Florentine goldsmith company gives birth to the ideas, the patterns and the design that will launch it on the scene of high jewellery. From the beginning, their ideas were welcomed by both national and foreign customers, fact that pushed the company to a constant hunt for improvement. It was the birth of a sober and smooth style. They achieved a great success, also thanks to many trade fairs of the sector. But it is only in 1999 that the company gets established on the scene of Italian goldsmith, reviving the ancient technique called “tubo gas” (gas tube): a band of jointless flexible links that play on the ductility of gold to create collection based on a great structural flexibility and high resistance. This technique makes it possible to create particularly creative and easily wearable designs in smooth geometric shapes. Novecentonovantanove proves once again its ability to enhance femininity with evocative and customizable jewels.

Then, with the arrival of Gaetano Del Duca – special mention at the international design award “GeometrichEmozioni”, finalist at the international design award “Vogue GoldSign”, placed fourth at the international diamond jewellery competition with the bracelet “TinTin”, meant for the HRD “Diamonds are Fun” award world tour, with expositions in Antwerp, Aichi, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Arnhem and Dubai – the collections gained an even more unmistakable originality and refined elegance.

Gold submits to man’s will, it get even more malleable, acquires the windings of snakes to hug gently the woman’s wrist, her fingers, to hang from her ears, to enhance her features. The linearity of the diamond embellishes the jewels without unsettling the whole. The jewels are beautiful and easily wearable, and are made even more precious by the fact that they are certified “Made in Italy”, with a production followed throughout all its stages, from the design to the distribution.

Today, Novecentonovantanove takes part in the main trade fairs of the sector: First, Charm, Choice, Baseworld, Iberjoya. It also sponsored the finalist jewel to the “International HRD Diamond Award”, designed by Gaetano Del Duca.


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