Training, GECI presents the 2016 calendar

As the Master in Gem & Jewelry Management continues, the new course in Digital Macrophotography of Jewels launches. Many Lab Class sessions and themed seminars are on offer.

Geci Gemological Education Certification Institute

The GECI, the Education Certification Gemological Institute based in Milan and a member of Cibjo, has presented a rich and comprehensive training schedule for the year that has just begun. While the modules for the Master in Gem & Jewelry Management launched in 2015 will continue (and will return with a second edition in October) – at present the course is in gemology, which will be followed by Design and Marketing Institute is also presenting a new course for Digital Macrophotography of jewels. Students will learn photography techniques for immortalising gems and jewellery, evaluating the right light, perspective, shadows and reflections, and learning how to use software for post-processing. The course will be offered in Italian from 30 March to 1 April, and in English from 8 to 10 June.

The GECI educational year continues with the Lab Classes, to be held starting from 11 July and from 12 September. The Diamond Grading Lab Class (1 week), the Gem Identification Lab Class (1 week) and the Colored Stone Grading Lab Class (3 days) guarantee practical learning linked to the on-going experience in the laboratory: the certificate issued at the end of the course allows the student to earn “credits” for the Diamond Grading Course or the Colored Stone Course via a Distance arrangement.

Geci Gemological Education Certification Institute

There will be days dedicated to Advanced Seminars, such as the Synthetic Diamond Seminar, which will be held on 6 June. The course offers the opportunity to extend knowledge in the identification of synthetic diamonds, a threat that the industry must be able to challenge. During the seminar, each student will have the opportunity to see and identify synthetic diamonds and get to know key tools such as DiamondView. The course is intended for graduate gemologists.

Further in-depth study days for those who already have previous experience in the world of gemology will involve days dedicated to Rubies, Sapphires and Emeralds: three Mondays, on 13, 20 and 27 June, to increase knowledge of the main coloured gems. 17 October will also see the start of a new edition of the Master in Management Gem & Jewelry, a course in English lasting one academic year that prepares each student for a rewarding and successful career in the field of gems and jewellery. It is divided into three modules that can be attended separately.

Geci Gemological Education Certification Institute

Many of the proposals are customisable in terms of schedules and topics: the GECI Corporate Programs On Demand meet the needs of the industry with flexibility. “Our courses allow interesting career opportunities,” CEO Fabio D’Amico has stated. “There is demand, even in Italy. A specialised professional who learns a technical and international language with us can find opportunities in the lab, in jewellery, retail, wholesale or manufacturing. Or some of the most stimulating careers, such as being an expert for auctioneers, a buyer in the major gem markets worldwide, a stone selector or quality control manager. We also want to offer flexibility of learning to all those who are interested in attending GECI courses by proposing diverse and complementary formulas”.


Geci Gemological Education Certification Institute

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