Toco d’Encanto The pocket watch becomes glamour

The jewelry scenery is changing rapidly but Toco d’Encanto has played ahead by launching “Le Carose”, so many to populate half world windows.


What we know for sure is that they didn’t exist before, then inevitable copies arrived, punctual like a script, making Le Carose successful. We have designed a new appearance between fun and design and that’s why we have registered such an incredible rapid growth”.

The brand creators from Salento explain: “We believe that a bijou shouldn’t be demanding but give the opportunity to every woman to change when and how they like it”.


Toco d’Encanto stand is a vertigo of colors in the jewelry fairs, where you can find bifacial dolls in plex, those fully formed with multicolor dresses, the sportive with sneakers, the fashion one with the it bag, the romantic, the pop and the hippy…. Each one with a precise personality to grant the wish to be and appear.

Nowadays beside dolls there are maxi watches wearable with a very long chain or with pearls. Punctual to scan fashion time.


This new collection exalts the characteristics of “le cipolle” pocket watches in fashion many years ago, but with a new fashionable design. In golden metal , they have a watch face decorated with glamorous details and among these the protagonist of all time le Carose, but small and glittered, that chase each other even on the external section of the watch casing.













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