The world of Maria Antonietta Mittoni

Cultures and exotic worlds intertwine in Maria Antonietta Mittoni’s jewelry in a unique and original combination of materials. The magnificence of the golden eagle, the imaginary world of the fairytale, the multicolored Venetian murrine, the tenderness of baby animals, feline ferocity and tribal amulets are brought together in a special bond with nature and its creatures.

Each piece of jewelry tells its own story and bears the imprint of a true artist who loves to experiment and who knows how to transform myths, legends and beliefs into beautiful and precious objects. Colors combine with forms in a highly innovative way where style knows no limits.

Her pieces are the results of uncurbed fantasy, an adventurous and eclectic nature whose muse is the earth. Leather, hard stones, coral, horn are just some of the materials that she moulds and forges as she imbues even the simplest materials with a special value that makes them not just rare, but unique. Her highly amusing and original pendants, chains and rings are enriched with innovative features that go beyond standard concepts of beauty.

Classic forms lose their identity and are turned into miniature masterpieces that seem to come from a unique and exotic world of innocence and elegance. She can even make an everyday object such as a pen something unusual and frivolous by camouflaging it with the imperfect black and white stripes of the zebra or by covering it with the warmer tones of a cheetah’s coat. Boldness and exquisite taste guide her hand in an imaginary gallop, stealing ideas from sea and land, from real and fantastic creatures, making each piece an emotion to wear.


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