The spirit of initiative of three generations with a passion for color.

Three generations who share the same passion: color. This is the story of the Valabrega family, linked to jewelry with the name VAID since the beginning of the last century. Now it is Daniele Valabrega’s turn to promote the name of the family business throughout the world: his father created the current brand by combining the family name with the first two letters of the word Ideas. Over the years the brand has become popular in Italy and all over the world. We talked about this with Daniele Valabrega.

VAID has a “special” link with the United States. Why is this?

“We now consider North America as one of our most important markets. This link originated and developed during my stay in Los Angeles: I worked in a jeweler’s in Rodeo Drive for a whole year. However, the journey had already begun with my grandfather who made our brand famous all over Italy, in Rome, Naples and Sardinia. Afterwards, my father made a further great stride forward: he was one of the first men to travel widely around Europe in the 60s.”

The spirit of initiative is one of your family’s main traits. How do you instill this into your creations?

Color, color and yet more color: we have always focused on this aspect. Color combinations, classic design and novelty all at the same time. One of the peculiarities of our pieces of jewelry is represented by the double or triple overlay of different materials and stones: we combine different types of materials or stones and place one over the other, creating unique color effects. We match mother-of-pearl with coral and quartz crystal but also with turquoise and amethysts. We never stop being goldsmiths: we also work a lot with silver and pink gold and we’re always looking to discover new forms like our “accartocciato” (crumpled look). We have also manufactured our latest line of rings in a smaller range : it still retains its excellence but at a more reasonable price.”

What is the future of VAID jewelry?

“Never impose anything on anyone: it is the customer who must perfect our creations. There is nothing final or definitive in what we present; on the contrary, we are always open to experimentation and novelty. Color, combination and joie de vivre: these are our core values. We offer our experience and create objects for a clientele who can appreciate them but we are also ready to provide just an idea. Besides, even our name contains ideas…


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