The revolutionary geometric design of Favero creations: matchless elegance

When audacious lines are projected in strikingly original equilibria, a piece of jewelry becomes a precious and rare object, a constantly flowing work which has an unconventional quality. These creations possess great character and their attractive asymmetries overflow with life. Their matchless elegance features offset mountings, dazzling sunbursts and precious ramifications which create new combinations in a stunning blend of traditional and futuristic craftsmanship.  The revolutionary geometric designs are completed by original juxtaposition of light and volume.

Rings, bracelets, pendants, and chokers are fashioned within this new dimension. They never risk becoming monotonous, obtaining their inspiration  from the simplicity and sobriety of nature. They represent dynamic links between extremely precious gemstones and white and pink gold which are matched with a naturalness that only beautiful things possess.

Even writing instruments lose their predictable appearance and become small masterpieces personalized by sapphires and rubies or studded with diamonds to evoke the magic of a beautiful starry night.

Favero jewels represent a universe which shines with its own light, where tricks of shadow exalt a blaze of light among multicolored reflections. These creations are designed for strong-willed women who enjoy the exhilaration of sublime and unique emotions.


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