The original jewels by Giuliana Di Franco

The original jewels by Giuliana di Franco come from a big details attention, as well as a long time spent on a study project and its realization. Precious objects speaking about life, beauty, art, nature, stigmatised by a strong and recognizable Mediterranean style, her Sicily.

Basic elements characterising her stylistic research coming from the Maison, are the form naturalness, the mark’s spontaneity, the sense to feel each peace as unique. Every single collection shows a creation side, full of human and sensitive charme together with the never ending search of innovation evidence of a versatile touch. “…. Real emotion, culture, beauty speaking trough small things…because “small peaces” make a big dream real” according with Giuliana di Franco.

Giummis are the last collection peculiarity, presented at FIRST 2009. They are properly Sicilian style as the wool decorations used in traditional costumes. Soft details combined with eccentric curves, creating the elegant style for “ever green” girls. From real sculptural forms in yellow gold presented in two versions: Macro and Micro peaces. The man line collecting 25 fantastic golden buttons and cuff-links models, inspired to “invisible towns” by Italo Calvino. A modern and sophisticated suggestion by a high project level.


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