The man promenade collection

The time slows down with Barababac and it becomes a personal scan of unique moments to be underlined.The silver jewels of Barababac are defined with originality in the man promenade line, designed by Ludovica Andrina.


Exclusive details with the mechanisms of antique watches are held in a transparent coat of enamel. These jewels represent for those who wear them, the dimension of their own time and for those who admire them, a unique perception of the authenticity and selection of the product.

barababac-2Quality and creativity have been also awarded in Japan, especially for the design and the manual production.


Barababac takes a repossession of the time concept, which slows down the frenetic rhythms to realize unique examples of rings, cufflinks and bracelets, where creativity and details are the elements of an irremovable and rewarding passion.


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