The eccentricity of the Capri Magia collection. An irresistible desire

Capri, a never-ending story of passions and memories that mingle in tiny streets and whitewashed houses, sheer cliffs and fishing nets drying in the sun. The most intense blue of the sky has been stolen by the island to paint its splendid grotta, the deep sea and a small lizard which has found its ideal environment in the rocks of the “Faraglioni”. It is a legendary place where not only painters and poets have found their inspiration, but also the goldsmiths of Valenza. They have created five exceptional lines of jewelry, full of fun and color, which are particularly striking due to the daring combination of unusual, almost childlike figures and the preciousness of white and pink gold, sapphires, diamonds, enamels and mother-of-pearl: pure art, in every sense.

The expertise, attention to detail, and craftsmanship of these master goldsmiths shine through in their creations. These excellent craftsmen express themselves through an astonishing variety of original amulets, whose distinctive characters are pleasure and luxury, synonymous with the allure of Capri, evoking the same feelings of eccentricity and uniqueness that can be experienced in the most famous “piazzetta” in the world. The Capri Magia collection is an irresistible desire, a capricious charm that glitters in the windows of the Virginia jeweler’s in Capri, which has always been an historical landmark of Italian craftsmanship for leading personalities and stars.

Frog princes, jingling bells, twisting lizards, round fishes and little horns to ward off evil all become pieces of great value, an amazing blend of creativity and style, with a decidedly eclectic decorative taste.

When a piece of jewelry inspires a smile, you can be sure it is a jewel from the Capri Magia collection: bizarre earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings to wear on any occasion with knowing nonchalance.


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