Stefano Ronzino talks about his Carose

The litmus test of change is fashion.

Everchanging transformation in materials, colors, and lines. To recognize its dynamics and make it a strongpoint for production is one of the qualities Stefano Ronzino holds as stylist and designer of Toco d’Encanto where he renders fleeting fashion more convincing.

‘Your Carose are literally selling like hotcakes and turnover shows a constant crescendo. How did you come up with the idea of a doll?

Actually, Carose is much more than a doll. The idea came from wanting to create jewelry with a female soul. The Carose can be glamourous, sporty, workers, mothers, teenagers. Just like real women.

A product Made in Italy has to possess certain requisites. Can you tell us what they are?

No doubt being “credible”; a product Made in Italy must have two main features: artisan craftsmanship and an original idea. Our craftsmanship is guaranteed by the passion we emply everyday in creating an original piece that is inimitable and without copying other brands or ideas on the market.

On the other hand I have to admit that many have tried to copy us. This is why we registered the Carose brand about a year ago with the Italian Patent Office (n.000101826).

Your headquarters is in Lecce but you export to a number of countries. Which are strongpoints for Toco d’Encanto?

Our headquarters is actually in Nardò, province of Lecce. This small town is where we started designing and artistic creation. Undoubtedly the desire to grow is unstoppable, we work everyday with great enthusiasm.

How is the company set up?

It’s pretty simple, but we have an extensive range of suppliers and distributors in 15 countries around the world. The leaders at Toco d’Encanto, besides Stefano Ronzino, are Romina Giannuzzi and Patrizia Antico, two creative artists with over a decade in the industry.

What are some of the difficulties you face as an entrepreneur int his industry?

As far as we are concerned, the hardest part was in the initial phases of our project. When you are a start-up company and you have no collateral, it’s really hard to find a partner who believes in you and is willing to invest in your idea.

How importanti is communication and attending industry fairs?

We feel they are both fundamental in affirming our brand in the industry.

Plans for the future?

We have a lot of plans in store and we prefer not to let the word out. Our objective is to consolidate our brand on the market with a series of innovations that once again will set us apart from the others and distinguish our exclusiveness.


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