Star dust in Giuliana Grande's jewels

Precious sand to confer light and color to silver Giuliana Grande has a special attitude for beauty, the sense of originality and the ability to create very elegant pieces. She has inherited her talent by her grandfather and great grandfather, who operated for years in the ancient Goldsmith Village of Naples, the same village where today Giuliana makes her beautiful jewels.

Jewels that can answer to that principals and standards which are now missing in the majority of shop windows. Therefore, Giuliana Grande aims to privilege the hand-crafted aspect of her creations, that is why the production remains in limited numbers and the distribution is exclusively for selected jewelleries. In her latest subjects – baguette, double circle and bows shaped earrings – comes out her personal freedom of expression, realizing jewels made of dust of fragmentized stones to exalt the light, the color and the transparencies between gold and silver.


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