Signs of time in the creations by Gianni Pace Gioielli

Gianni Pace Gioielli was established at the beginning of the twentieth century and since then it has come a long way. It has always kept the same attention and devotion that characterize the family firm which has lasted four generations, all committed to the same great challenge: realizing more and more beautiful jewels that keep abreast with time.

Two brothers are now leading the business, Massimo and Salvio, and the daughter of the latter, Sara, who represent the fourth generation to carry on the success of a work started by their father Gianni, but with an entrepreneurial look at the future. It is in fact the new technology what defines the style of the last creations of the firm. The passing trends did not affect the attention and the image of the jewels that have instead stopped time, while the techniques to gain greater results on the field are constantly developing thanks to the last generation technology.

Salvio Pace reveals that the secret of such a precise and flawless work as theirs is enclosed in 5 letters: NURBS. It is the mathematical representation that a software, such as a CAD 3D system, provides of an object, to accurately define its shape. The main ingredient of the new recipes by Gianni Pace Gioielli is therefore industrial design, which perfects their creativity. Nevertheless, the “trademark” of every creation is still the handmade draft, which then becomes a model thanks to a computer programme and will be eventually realized in wax. A perfect chain of events whose links are as precious as gemstones, as clear as light, as graceful as the whole line by Gianni Pace Gioielli. A firm that is modern and traditional at the same time. This is the story of the great Gianni Pace Gioielli family.


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