“Seduzione senza tempo” enchants the Hong Kong Convention Centre

With exquisite jewellery creations in coral and cameos next to surprising interpretations of these precious materials provided international haute couture, enhancing the union between fashion and jewellery is the aim of the exhibition “Seduzione senza tempo” (Timeless Seduction), which will be presented in Hong Kong by ICE, the agency for foreign promotion and internationalisation of Italian firms, and Assocoral – the Italian National Association of Manufacturers of Coral, Cameos and Related Materials.

Mostra Assocoral corallo Hong Kong Seduzioni senza tempo

The exhibition, curated by anthropologist Cristina Del Mare, will be presented at the HK Convention Centre in Wan Chai on the occasion of the Italian group show at the Hong Kong fair. During the fair, a seminar will also be held on the history, trends and development of coral processing in Torre del Greco, the number one city in the world for the manufacturing of coral and cameos.

As part of AWE, a conference will be dedicated to technicians and professionals within the sector with a focus on the sustainability of coral and its production internationally, involving the participation of Cibjo – Confédération International de la Bijouterie, Joaillerie, Orfèvrerie des Diamants and Perles et Pierres.

“Seduzione senza tempo” is an inspiring and unique narrative that interweaves memory and modernity.

Mostra Assocoral corallo Hong Kong Seduzioni senza tempo

Valentino, Alexander McQueen, Anna Sui and Gattinoni are just some of the prestigious international brands that have drawn inspiration from the rich artistic heritage associated with the iconography of coral and cameos. Plays on references, a dialogue between combinations and parallels that combines historical and contemporary images that are highly significant and of considerable graphic impact.

Mostra Assocoral corallo Hong Kong Seduzioni senza tempo

One example of this is the image of coral branch overlooking the famous altarpiece of “Nostra Signora della Vittoria” by Andrea Mantegna (housed in the Louvre) flanked interpretation of a branch of coral that serves as the handle on a gold clutch created Gianni De Benedittis for Maison Gattinoni in 2012.

The cultural heritage and the artistic talent of the craftsmen of Torre del Greco, spanning more than two centuries of history, now produces wonderful contemporary jewellery, transforming the idea of the jewel into coral. These antique “souvenirs d’Italie” are high jewellery creations appreciated both by great fashion designers and the most famous international jewellery brands.

Mostra Assocoral corallo Hong Kong Seduzioni senza tempo

Il patrimonio culturale e il talento artistico delle maestranze orafe di Torre del Greco, che conta più di due secoli di storia, oggi propone meravigliosi gioielli contemporanei, che trasformano l’idea del monile in corallo, da antico “souvenir d’Italie” in creazioni d’alta gioielleria, apprezzato sia dai grandi stilisti di moda che dai più famosi brand dell’oreficeria internazionale.


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