Rudy. Passion comes first

The tubogas by Rudy between uniqueness and creativity Rodolfo Pacifico is both manager and designer of the self-owned company Rudy specialized in the production of jewels realized with the tubo-gas. Rudy’s passion for design started when he was a buckle designer for the Neapolitan stylist Mario Valentino. Since then, his ability of manufacturing such finicky and detailed objects has been driving him to use refined and precious materials to create in the 70’s his first original creations related to jewelry.

Rodolfo Pacifico has been rewarded both in Italy and abroad for his original design mostly characterized by the sea theme and the tubogas. Thanks to the infinite modulation of the tubogas combined with the designer inspiration, Rudy’s jewels become unique pieces but also a creative experience for those who are going to wear them.


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