Rovian: “Coral creations are eternal”

“We found it! What? Eternity. Sea meets Sun”.

These verses from Rimbaud seem to be written for exclusive jewelry labeled Rovian. Minute works of art to wear, one of a kind pieces that illuminate international jet set ladies. From New York to Paris passing through Dubai. Everyone is in love with the design and workmanship of expert artisans from Torre del Greco where the Rovian brand adventure started and has been carried on with passion and pride by Francesco Raiola, along with his children Vincenzo and Roberto.

Francesco Raiola con i figli Vincenzo e Roberto
Francesco Raiola with his sons Vincenzo and Roberto


Vincenzo Raiola talks about the “backstage” of his masterpieces in “red gold”.

 Can you draw an identikit of the perfect Rovian-addicted?

A woman who loves beauty, sophisticated and cultured … because a coral creation is eternal and does not follow trends.

 In your opinion, what is it that sets your jewelry apart from others?

We employ virtuous and respected designers even if our strengths lie in combining tradition and innovation.


We juxtapose artisan craftsmanship with new technologies, such as those used in 3 and soon to be 4D.

 In regards to your history, your company is relatively young but is founded on a secular tradition …

Yes, in fact in 1926 my grandfather Vincenzo was a coral fisherman in the Mediterranean followed by my father Francesco in 1968 who along with his partner Francesco Conte, started to explore the waters around Capri and Sardinia on the “Antonino Magliulo” submarine.

 How did the story end?

The catch was so great that they set up business in Torre del Greco to complete the coral production cycle.

rovian bracelet

Do you have any other stories to tell us?

The submarine commander talked about an exceptional catch about 40 miles off “capocaccia” where in 5 days they caught over 150 kilos of huge pieces of coral.

What are the main types of coral you use?

Select Mediterranean and Asian

One of your vaunts are pieces featuring “angel hair” coral …

Yes, it is very rare and valuable. A true passion that my father caught from a fisherman from Suao in the 70s.

What markets have your creations primarily conquered?

Europe, Asia the United States.

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