Riccardo Monti. ICE President sees the solution in a network cooperative system

Big challenges are played on International markets


The challenge for the firms is nowadays on the foreign markets. The dialogue with potential buyers of the Italian products is not always immediate: ICE which promotes the internationalization of the Italian companies has been organizing for many years important actions to support the goldsmith field. Exhibitions, participation to fairs, window event like the Italian Trend Carpet Show organized by JCK Las Vegas are some examples of their significant initiatives. Riccardo Monti, ICE president talks to Preziosa Magazine about their targets and objective.

What does ICE do for the sector of goldsmith and silversmith?
Italian firms are collecting now the new and modern challenges of the international market, boosting the know-how, expertise, passion, creative talent, trends anticipation, the engineering of  the productive phases and sense of beauty. In this way the Italian jewel becomes the representative of art and culture, habits and customs of people, technology, history and tradition and also the expression of a dream.
ICE promotional activity is based on initiatives which are offered to create  a systematic and unitary instrument useful to the different realities of the goldsmith world.

How does the sector contribute to these initiatives?
Suggestions and advices come from different companies and thanks to the customer satisfaction process we can monitor the results of our initiatives.

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For example?
Promotional initiative in Corea, which has proved to be a mature country, both financially and culturally; the collective participation to the HKIJS fair to face China and Hong Kong market; the experience of independent travelling exhibitions in Eastern Europe; The projection to South East Asia, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and  the event in Santiago de Chile. ICE organizes collective participations to International fairs, and  independent exhibitions which combine the exhibition element to professional meetings and the incoming of neighboring countries through an activity of communication.

Can you see the results?
Our database counts more than 4000 firms that use ICE services while 65 ICE offices of the foreign network hold the contacts with qualified operators  of the distribution.

Which programs do you have for 2015/16?  
The Goldsmith global trend seems to be positive, with a rising gold jewelry demand, both in quantity and in value, even thanks to the metal prices fall, with a protagonist role of India and China. The market is worth  about 7 billion euro, with an export which represents over 70% of the business turnover. Italian export is rising as well with a specific growth of the emerging countries of Middle East Asia and some African countries.

Can you anticipate some news for us?
In our Piano Sud, we are organizing a B2B Fair in Torre del Greco, where the tradition is mixed with the modernity of the coral and mother of pearl. We will continue with road shows, educational initiatives and a lot of communication on all national territory.

What is the ICE role in the agreement between Il Mise and the fiere orafe italiane (Italian goldsmith fairs)?
The government has introduced  the extraordinary project on exhibitions of excellence: The Italian goldsmith fairs, Vicenzaoro and Oroarezzo and some extraordinary resources where there are also The International Projections of Fiera Vicenza: In 2015, Vicenzaoro Dubai and Vicenzaoro Italian Club to JCK Las Vegas. ICE aim is to enhance the Italian fair image on the worldwide market.

In other words we can talk about a positive budget?
Vicenzaoro Dubai has registered 500 brands in total, 150 Italians, which have exposed on a global surface of over 12.000 sqm. In cooperation with Fiera Vicenza, ICE has realized a big fashion show of jewels in JCK Las Vegas and the incoming of a foreign delegation composed by 183 between buyers and foreign journalists at the 36th edition of Oroarezzo. As you can understand the promotion of Italian fairs where ICE  put in connection public and private, makes even more evident the productive excellence of the “made in Italy luxury”.

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