Raima: Diamonds Like Vivid Cascades

A brand of international importance, a first class high jeweller’s art of Valenza, where luxury creates models of unusual richness and value. The excessive use of the self-centred diamond, in a changeable mix of white and black, creates ever new stories with complicated plots and a richness of lights and shadows. When in some models colours are prevailing, we can see a community of languages underlining the elegance with rare hatching.

There are many collections variously characterized by classical or strange geometrical shapes, mixed with lots of nuance of colours deriving from the mother-of-pearl, agate, cornelian, speckled opal and coral. Gem stones able to mix perfectly with the noble gold. Each Raima jewel is a sophisticated tribute to women’s world, a creature living in a place where the protagonists are refined rings, charms and earrings that show , at the same time, an ensemble of dissonances and harmony. An ensemble which is an unforgettable melody.

Astonishing employments of dark and light, odd tangents breaking the spaces. . Softly loud colourways are used by the artist who makes the material easy to work. Wonderful jewels made to be worn and admired. Jewels able to make precious even the simplest look.

Groumette: soft waves of yellow gold together with white or black diamonds; Angeli: small diamonds around pretty mother-of-pearl silhouette; Croci: envelopments of white or black agate or cornelian separated by unfinished precious frames; Cuori: white agate with diamonds as in search for the other half or concentric silhouettes hold together by diamonds clusters; Rosoni: the charm of the old cathedrals made simpler with grace and elegance;Waterfall: invaluable alternations between precious gold and diamonds recalling the water energy with sudden rushes and freezing-cold splashes, letting it flow like a stream and free itself in a pure cascade of vivid diamonds. Models found in the Parure collection where the beauty goes beyond.


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