Precious stones, diamonds and gold sustain physical wellness. New findings in cosmetics come from nature


Terme Di Pigna - Sala Ambra

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”. In 1953 Marilyn Monroe sang that tune in the movie “Men Prefer Blondes”.  Lately however, besides being a girl’s best friend it looks like diamonds have become an important accomplice to our skin.  So, not just a jewel. More and more cosmetic companies are ‘trusting’ diamonds, but also gold, platinum and other precious stones to create super-luxury, portentous beauty treatments.  It’s called ‘Gemology’ – what else – a brand founded by Chrystelle Lannoy that uses 16 precious and semi-precious stones rich in oligo elements for an entire line of facial and body products.  Anti-age creams with diamonds for a natural lifting effect and others enriched with sapphires, rubies, and jade.  Especially reduced into microparticles to blend better and to render their precious virtues seamlessly.  Amethyst or lapis lazuli masks and pearl peelings.

Platinum Gold Elixir

“Platinum Gold Elixir” is a serum concentrate developed by French cosmetic surgeon  Jean-Louis Sebagh where 24 kt gold and platinum nano-particles mix with 13 state-of-the-art active ingredients to consolidate, compact, and create luminosity and an incredible facial lifting effect.
Another luxury serum is “Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold” by La Prairie where peptides recently developed mix with gold in a colloidal gel to improve skin tone, reduce wrinkles and revitalize facial features.

Hotel Cortona, il bagno turco

The wellness center at Hotel Corona in the heart of the Dolomites is unique in that from the reception area to the suites, clients breathe precious stones and crystals that revitalize even the water served at the table.  In the spa, the Turkish bath is made of rose quartz for a relaxing experience that releases stress, and crystal rock for energy; the latter also coats the jacuzzi.  Amenities at the hotel include the Edelstein-Balance® crystal massage performed with precious stone oil extracts that penetrates the skin thanks to a little help from a friend, smoothed gemstones.

La gamma Gemmology

The Grand Hotel Pigna in Imperia also offers an intriguing wellness plan where massages are performed with Baltic Sea amber, just like the Russian czars used to enjoy.  A full-immersion, anti-stress moment on a special bed where you are covered in amber stones which facilitate the release of succinic acid which prevents cellular aging.

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