From Bohemia, where the wealth of glassmaking tradition still stands, PRECIOSA landed and has consolidated its position on global markets.

One of the leaders in crystal component production, PRECIOSA today counts over 24 thousand combinations of shapes, sizes and colours: starting from this historic region of central Europe, in the Czech Republic, all the way to global showcases crossing jewelry, textile, designer and fashion markets.

Since the 90s, PRECIOSA has successfully worked with GI.MA S.r.l., one of the official distributors in Italy, that for 30 years has been wholesaler of numerous components for costume, jewelry and fashion accessories.

While keeping the Bohemian tradition having all the production in Europe, in the Czech Republic, one of the characteristics of PRECIOSA is their wide range of products combined with a great attention to the environment.

All the technologies PRECIOSA has installed are eco-compatible to safeguard consumers wearing their products. Among the prestigious partners there is Pantone, the world leading jewellery colour trend setting company.

PRECIOSA serves a number of industries but its core business is without a doubt linked to crystal components for fashion, textile and accessories industry.

Twice a year, PRECIOSA launches their new collections: the latest news is their Spike Bandings line following punk inspiration, or Crystal tubes, tubules available raw, in silver, gold, black plated, and rhodium.

A touch of vivacity in Multicolour Chains in personalizable colours. For nice and colourful accessories the Plastic Bandings are perfect, with sixteen new colours and three sizes.

Crown jewel in the news is the ‘MC Chaton Rose VIVA 12®’, that PRECIOSA presents today Lead Free, with the same aesthetic brilliance: 46 colours, 22 coatings and 14 sizes.

There is profound harmony between PRECIOSA and GI.MA. S.r.l. as they have been operating together for over twenty years. We asked them to briefly tell us about this successful liaison.


Sandra Strusi – Managing Director and Marketing Manager

What is the main characteristic of PRECIOSA products?

Quality, efficiency in production and delivery, customer care, and careful certification in for example, a number of Lead Free products. Characteristics that we at GI.MA. S.r.l. as official distributors appreciate a lot: this is what we count on for our customers.

How does the partnership between GI.MA. S.r.l. and PRECIOSA work?

Efficient teamwork: we have a grip on the market and we are in close contact with the main style offices; GI.MA. S.r.l. has been around since 1984 and for 30 years as a wholesaler offering capillary distribution to the Italian market and beyond. PRECIOSA listens to feedback we give and supports all our needs. Attending fairs together increases our development: two is better than one!


Jiri Vojtech – Area Trade Marketing Manager

Fashion jewelry has grown in recent years, not just in Italy. How much is PRECIOSA a part of the evolving process?

Crystals are able to give that special sparkling touch to any creation, making it a special jewel. This is why we feel like part of the global trend, working with international high-end fashion brands, jewelry, textile and accessories.

Does production change according to the market or is it the same across the board?

We do our best to meet the needs of every market. We promote our products at many international fairs both on our own and with partners worldwide. In this scenario, the value of our products on the Italian market has increased also due to our partnership with GI.MA. S.r.l., one of our official distributors in Italy.

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