ORI TAO. Le Chamanes, a new concept of fashion jewelry

Le Chamanes
family gets wider with a beautiful and precious news: the Ori Tao brand has become part of the Group from the beginning of 2015.

14 collections beside more than 400 products among necklaces, bracelets, rings, hearings, come alive from the creativity of Franck Rigaux the designer and his team of artisans ,who transform the metal with manipulation, hammering and bending it in order to realize original and wearable creations.


“My inspirations come from the study of absolute masterpieces like Le Corbusier, Wright or also from Japanese art of origami or from the fashion world of Galliano and Gautier”. This is what Monsieur Rigaux talks about and he blends the traditional techniques with the most sophisticated and modern technologies to renovate the concept of fashion jewelry.

A mélange of cultural backgrounds collected from the designers in numerous notebooks where he accumulated quotes, cut out, and the ideas which form the base of ORI TAO creations, pure designer jewel to be discovered in September in Homi.



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