Nothing is made from diamonds, cement makes jewelry

Marble, stone and cement meet the hands of artists and become unexpected jewelry.

Inbal Itachi


Inbal Itachi

Austrian-born and adopted Swiss, Gundula Papesch gathers rocks on river banks to build jewelry in silver and all shades of grey. The Berliner Anja Eichler plays with contrasts matching unthinkable materials in the Concrete Fragility collection:  she reduces into fragments diverse elements mixing quail eggs and cement shavings to then bring them together in pendants and rings with details in gold where behind the fragility of an eggshell is the hidden solidity of cement.  Hannah Jewett, creator of the Maschari brand based in San Francisco, highlights the quality of marble with minimal rings and sharp lines.

Karen Konzuk

On the other side of the ocean the Taiwanese team from 22 Design Studio follows the same philosophy producing rings where the star is cement around a silver band.  Sera  Young uses small blocks and cubes of concrete she leaves raw, except for a gold leaf decoration, so as not to move away from the traditional use in architecture.  Karen Konzuk contrasts cement with steel and gold, creating opposites among the porosity of the first and the shine of the second.

Sera Young


22 Design Studio

If the declaration of love is made on solid ground, Inbal Itachi, a designer from Tel Aviv who spent time in Milan and Paris, creates engagement rings where the diamond is set in cement:  an unsuspected romantic.

22 Design Studio
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