Ninetto Terzano; when a classic style meets innovation

High quality jewels with a non-stopping research peculiarity, meaning of dynamism in a new but classic style. Originality, material selection and a scrupulous hand-made work in each of his lines.

So M’ama non M’ama is born, a gold and precious stones collection, with relevant settings to enhance the precious gems in all their brightness and intensity. The new design of flower’s bloom underlining a romantic ring where petals studded by stones, remember the love game. Dedicated to the woman who wanted to amaze with a floral and feminine touch.

The same line has been realized in enamelled technique with bright, free and easy colours. The central stone, together with the smaller ones, meets coloured petals in a rare harmony, the same you can find in all Terzano creations. The jewellery passion, handed down from father to son in 80 years long, arriving today trough a new technique tests in order to develop their production until the Nite line.

Modern jewels easy to wear and suitable in any moment of the day, able to detect the fashion trends, without renouncing the precious nature. Gold, diamonds, precious stones but also unusual and unknown materials in a mix of elements making modern accessories with attention to details.

As the Puzzle collection, symbol of Nite, represented by original and modern forms. The same from where funny hearings come, as well as pendants coupled with bracelets.

A game to weave able to combine perfectly oneself inner world. For romantic outsiders looking for a twin soul, precious groove of gold and diamonds that seems to be in search of each other, like screw fragments that weirdly find in their difference a perfect union.


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