Mediterraneo, being yourself

Like bonbons kept together by silver links, a symphony of fresh emotions, a must that goes with almost every look. These are the creations by Mediterraneo, a style hovering between bucolic and gypsy, a fascinating cult. Every element represents a counterpoint in a lively combination of shapes and colours which seems to be born from the instinct of a crafty designer. With his new collection, Napoletano gives once again proof of the fact that fashion does not compromise. That is how he gives life to jewels with an easy soul which take you to the spicy summer look, little bijous that cannot be missing among the accessorizes of a real fashionist.

The new collection by Mediterraneo promises to be the most awaited glamour, the right answer to our need for spring, for sun, for cheerfulness, and it is incredibly liked because it does not drift away from the usual rules of the last trends but, rather, it prefers to follow them to make them its own, blunting their ineffective excesses when these may cross the limits of elegance, which are meant to be kept in the lines of its creatures, to better meet today’s needs.

Whether they are necklaces, bracelets or earrings, silver gently accompanies semi-precious gemstones in romantic and spicy solutions, a lively language of colour, extravagant and sophisticated, that goes from the deep plum shades to the paleness of the moon. Different interpretations of an highly imaginative palette from which Mediterraneo steals the green of jades as juicy as kiwis, rainbow-like streaking of agates, the burning orange-red of carnelians, the sophisticated purple of amethysts that lead to sensual aubergines – the ones that dominate the earrings- the limpid transparencies of quartz and the strong yellow of citrine to combine them in a bizarre puzzle which captures flowers, drops, elephants, beads, diamonds. A young and incredibly versatile must have, an answer to women’s hidden vanity.


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