Marco Gerbella, Hearts that set the style

If you look at the tiara ring with its full hearts and yellow and pink gold plating, or again at the wire crown ring, it is clear that this jewellery with the central motif of the heart – launched years ago by Mark Gerbella Orafi Ravenna – has achieved a form of instant recognition that has helped to make it fashionable and stylish.

Marco Gerbella Orafo Ravenna
The company has maintained this successful concept and continued to work on it: currently, the “Piccole Gioie” of Marco Gerbella Orafi Ravenna are focused on the “Re di Cuori” (King of Hearts) in the Autumn-Winter 2016 collection.

Marco Gerbella Orafo Ravenna
Our attention – explained Marco Gerbella – is centred on a form of production which, while maintaining the values of design, craftsmanship and quality materials, is also able to keep costs down”.

The company will present its latest innovations at VicenzaOro January, in the fashionable area of the Glam Room.


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