Malù for kids. Creative jewelry for the little ones

Matilda and Ludovico’s whole world is contained in the adorable Malù for kids jewelry, a new made in Italy brand named after the two little ones inspiring the collection.  Showcased in gold, silver, or both are basketballs and soccer balls, rackets, motorcycles and planes for boys; stars, hearts, flowers and toeshoes for girls.


The ‘animalier’ line is for both genders, full of dogs, cats, dolphins, elephants, and ladybugs … trendy good luck charms.

Sapphires, crystals, and shiny white diamonds adorn necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. The central part of bracelets for him are coated via cataphoresis which ensures resistance and and durability.
More news at Malù for kids is in the sleek multicolor rings glittering in silver and the sweet “Bebè” collection dedicated to newborns.  For those who dare, personalized bracelets & co. engravings and ad hoc details.


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