Macrì Segni Creativi, fashion accesories to make art travelling

The fashion accessory becomes an art vehicle and it is proposed in the most prestigious jewelry because goldsmith and art can be realized symbiotically, in a perfect and inseparable binomial.


Stefano Cinque e Fanny Sollo, founders of the brand, who trust the project validity, have assigned the distribution network to the managing director Giancarlo Aprile. Thanks to the passion and tenacity of the entire team, among the prestigious stores which host Macri line, there are some important jewelry shop, like Cusi in Milan.

from left Stefano Cinque, Giancarlo Aprile, Fanny Sollo
from left Stefano Cinque, Giancarlo Aprile, Fanny Sollo

At the base of a creation like “Capricci di Macrì”! there is a lot of love for art.

Macrì is a company leader in the field of art printing – says Stefano Cinque – where tradition meet the most modern technologies to create both reproductions and unique pieces. We follow the entire creative course, from the designing to the production, giving great attention to quality and details. Capricci’s line was born few months ago and it has realized our dream to make art travelling.

Art that is entrusted to objects in motion, which are part of our daily life.

Spreading art through the fascinating artisan world has become a successful proposal. Since the beginning of next September we will offer thirty different accessories with the reproduction of six different images in various colors.


Admiring a painting on our fashion accessories is a unique experience

Our client is enchanted in front of the image and caught by its colors starts to move closer to the accessory willing to touch and possess it.

Why did you decide to place the product in jewelry shops?

The jewelers who have been contacted during the start up phase were fascinated by our creations, even if they were worried about the fall in consumption, they felt that in our project there was the natural evolution of the sector.

Those who have been able to keep the ability to sell jewels and art, are ready to receive everything has been done with elegance and class and make our clients unique. To men and women who love beauty, we guarantee accessories of high qualities and entirely made in Italy.


Giancarlo Aprile, Macrì managing director and tireless supporter of the project, clarifies the distribution strategy.

The trade network is an integral part of the project success, which is also guaranteed by the use of excellent and unique material which makes a difference.

The same art passion

When Stefano Cinque showed me a sample of Capricci collections I appreciated the quality immediately. Fashion accessories are so particular and refined which reminded me suggestions connected to the jewels world, sensations more and more forgotten and I felt that unlike the jewel, they could be shown and worn every day.

The project has had a great start. What about next future?

I will need new agents able to understand the new luxury market lines.



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