Luxury becomes ethnic. A trip among jewels by Elisabeth Paradon

Enchanting like old Kashan carpets, enriched by small unevenness and a complex weft. Fragrances of ancient memories carried by the wind, knotted by the exciting creativity of a woman able to make a ring the jewel able to connect thousand Mediterranean horizons.

So far from the minimal impersonal style, the creations by Elisabeth Paradon – author of Ziio Designer Jewellery line – go beyond the reality in a never ending trip but weirdly suspended among cultures, history and traditions in a seducing sequence of ancient and modern. Filmy and odds braids speaking about a soul with thousand facets trough a very personal language, telling mysterious and endless stories.

Jewels able to change, to transform, reinventing trough versatile polychromy and binding volumes for an ethnic style that, with eccentricity, designs the simple materials preferring amethyst, ruby, fumé quartz, onyx, Murano’s glass, zircon, coral and nacre alternated by white or golden silver grains. Myriad of gems for these artistic expressions stolen their enchantment to stirring spices, to the femininity of slaves and queens, to the oasis allure and of the sunny desert.

The incredible ability of the handy-crafts to enhance the brilliant nuances in a creation of bracelets, necklaces and earrings making unique precious objects. Luxury decorations rich of incomprehensible languages in order to be a declension of refined elegance and glamour.


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