Luisa Della Salda. A choice never betrayed

Luisa Della Salda shows good taste, mastery and exuberance in her jewels. Her creations, never usual and standardised, have enhanced natural stones and silver for more than 20 years. Her clients explain why one has to choose a jewel by Luisa Della Salda. L’argento Riccione (RI) “Beautiful models, fine stones, imagination in the collections and most of all, reliability of the company.  They are Perfect in everything. Price/quality relationship is very tempting”. Pino Curto Gioielli  Corigiliano Calabro (CS) “We have chosen this company 4 years ago because it offers fine and reliable products. Most of all, we trust all the people who work in the company”.

Gemme Messina “High quality of products and fancy trimmings won me. It’s a product that seduces women of every age”

Gioielleria Vale Paolo Reggio Calabria “We are supported with extreme care in every phase, up to the after sales. This regular attention conquered our most sophisticated clients”.

Bottega del gioiello Sorrento (NA) “Luisa Della Salda represents a guarantee. Our customers, mainly tourists, love her freshness and combinations, even the more provocative ones”.

Gioielleria De Meo C.mare di Stabia (NA) “We enriched our offer with Luisa Della Salda jewels: we appreciated the beauty of her creativity in the products”.

Gioielleria Cornaro Bergamo “We are new clients of the company, but we are already satisfied. Luisa Della Salda’s imagination persuaded us. We needed a modern product and we found it in her jewels”.

Gioielleria Pivano Stefano Biella “There is a high level public that wants to play with jewels and is not satisfied. They want their own style, good taste, trend, expressed in original shapes and colours”.

Gioielleria Pratesi Empoli “Jewels must be able to express emotions, but in this period they also need to be accessible and wearable every day”.]]>

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