Gustavo Renna’s style

“The artisans loving their work are able to create, with the material, a complicity made by love, risk and patience” To astonish expert and inexpert with  creations made by a mix of poetry, manual skills and wide passion, Gustavo Renna’s style to work in a four generations of handicraft  manner, started in 1982 in his family Company at “Borgo Orefici” in Naples.

The password for his production is research, testing the materials as well as the objects’ mechanism. He hates the ordinariness  – in this time I think the artisan must take decisions opposite to big production ones, if the global market buys electronic organizer the artisan chooses the moleskine. The small quantity and unique price is a charm making the Renna’s creations loved also abroad. In his creations he reclaims and tests working techniques in an up-date way. From the “Etrurian granulation” that he proposes in  a hyper modern key, to a rings line realized by a single wrought gold plate “seamless” , ending by the rock crystal moulded with fabrics and various oxides.

In 2004 Gustavo Renna tested a stem realized by hide moulded under heat, making it rigid and waterproof by the use of clear resins. His history begun in 1986 opening a small retail shop in a small village  at Vesuvio’s  mountainside where he started selling his creations as a newly-graduated at  the Academy of Arts. More than 20 years later he become member of the Collective Oromare, developing his production towards a selected  retail market. In August 2008 some of his rings have been bought by Ranja Queen of Jordan in USA. Could it be a first step for the creation of a brand? “ Always respecting the originality and  the inspiration of my creations” as the Bruce Chatwin of the Italian jewelry underlines.


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