Gustavo Renna. Invents new artistic harmonies

According to Gustavo Renna, a jewel is a mood coming from a loving fusion between research and handicraft. His creations, precious because of imperfections, are originalities that look like old, experimentations that make classicism born again. The material is never refined by industrial machinery. He loves creating and decomposing, using elements such as leather, gold, silver, crystal, bronze and enamels in a perfect way.

Each jewel emits a great deal of suggestions, and you need to touch, look and wear it in order to perceive the power of metals and stones, that are combined in such a refined way to let you imagine and think about the numerous possibilities of combining them.

Rings in the shape of -agorà-, three-dimensional postcards emerging from clear water where Cristallo di Rocca becomes a pix for gold miniatures, jewels based on the simple wonders that would enchant yesterday’s little girls, the tender surprises of the Ester eggs that made that minute girls feel like women.

Thanks to the closeness to the Vesuvius, you will feel you are swimming in a bright blue ocean, or sinking in a surreal green magma in the middle of a crater where Efesto’s snakes are living, or slinking among narrow streets where many clean clothes are hanging out.

Colored flying glow-worms, medieval engraving and painting framed as if they were relics, are symbolized as well. Gustavo Renna recalls an inexhaustible repertory through the vibrant colors of a very dynamic concept, architecture inclined to design.


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