Gruppo Eclat

Rosanna Natale & Fabrizio Paggini

Following their own aesthetic breeding Rosanna Natale, owner and designer of the company, is able to give a clear identity to Eclat Group creations.  The latest collection in silver shows floral patterns made with cathedral enamel, but silver also appears in the form of light interlace like silk in patterns for bracelets, thus becoming a star equal to gold.  But product image must be identified in every nuance, from high quality materials to tailoring, using both packaging and displays that reflect their style – an ambitious course that cannot prescind from technology.

This aspect is in the hands of partner Fabrizio Paggini, a technician specialized in drafting tools and machines for goldsmiths, a “bonus” for the company that has the means and production to make it innovative and competitive.
For all these reasons the Eclat Group today is an artistic stage that has overtaken the Italian market for 2014 with a promotional strategy that will strengthen its position with the objective of covering the entire country through retail jewelers on medium to high end markets.

Their “Project Italy”, following strong interest on the part of foreign buyers at recent fairs in Vicenza and Arezzo where the brand regularly exhibits, will naturally expand to other countries.


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