GOLD EXPRESSIONS 2011: valuable trends

Slow Food? Slow Jewel The six themes interpreted by the participating companies are based on the world’s current emerging trends. A rigorous respect for ‘Made in Italy’ unites all of the creations; a concept which according to David Lamb, General Manager of the World Gold Council jewellery sector, can only be a winning and successful formula if strategically promoted. We are intrigued and struck by the reference accompanying the winning initiative of the Italian catering industry Slow Food because it has respected the historic and territorial roots of business and transformed them into trends. The natural conclusion is that an idea this simple and brilliant could have been ours (but is not): “Why is it that nobody has thought of Slow Jewel before?”

Fashion and jewellery can go arm in arm up to a certain point. This is demonstrated by the WGC vision whereby the promotion of Gold Expressions 2011 first and foremost should aim for jewellery’s enduring value, as well as convey ideas on how to promote the collections’ appeal during the Spring fashion week. Each line is comprised of pieces which can be worn separately. Therefore bracelets, earrings and necklaces belonging to the same collection can also represent more than one theme, or assume a different personality and interpret different trends depending whether worn alone or matched. The new collection was presented at a time of contemporary elegance: the exhibition stand was circular, sober but most inviting, and the 120 jewellery pieces from 23 goldsmith companies were well showcased. The same impeccable style was also present for the launch event, where the many invitees were warmly welcomed by the organisers.

The future in six concepts SCULPTURAL FORM: important jewellery, textures that are pleasing to the touch, satin finishes and sensual lines, twisted strands form jewellery of notable dimension, recalling contemporary art and design. STATEMENT CUFF: bangles to be worn as a single three dimensional piece of jewellery, lightened by strands and spheres. SOFT GOTHIC: romantic sensations inspired by architectural motifs from the past. Cut out accents like rose windows of ancient cathedrals, lace and the symbolism of art. BOLD LINKS: simple rings revised in volume and perfectly wearable, cut out elements, emphasised by dynamic effects or precious spiral motifs. INTRICATE AND DELICATE: Fine lamina, with a wealth of precious detailing despite the fine dimensions. Alternating polished and matt finishes and delicate fringes OPULENT ORGANICS: amplified by anthropomorphic elements or inspired by nature and interpreted in a romantic key. Enamels and colours. Which jewellery will be most sellable will be seen in the different markets. What we can ascertain for now is that each piece has a common denominator: it is absolutely Italian in essence, in idea and in execution. Words from the designers What does a piece of jewellery signify according to the designers who took part in Gold Expressions 2011? What are the key characteristics that add value to jewellery today?

Daniela Lombardi: Preciousness and characteristics are key. The enhancement of materials in harmony with volume and form. The attention to details that flow on a tridimensional plain, the study of refined craftsmanship and finishes that create unique pieces; jewellery that engages the wearer giving her a sense of the history and tradition which sets Italian jewellery apart from the rest of the world.

Beatriz Biagi: The value of jewellery derives from various aspects including the material, emotional and symbolic value. Exclusivity and refinement is what makes the difference today.

Leonardo Ranucci: The design, a strong identity, the preciousness of the material, the symbolic value, the skill of execution, the innovation, the quality; these are the main elements. Then there is the emotion, a subliminal message that makes a woman fall in love with a precious piece of jewellery.

Silvia Boscarato: Emotion is fundamental, a piece of jewellery should amaze and thrill.

Why Gold? Daniela Lombardi: A piece of jewellery crafted in gold allows greater creative freedom, because it is not bound by the constraints of traditional jewellery of which the stone plays a major part.

Beatriz Biagi: It is the most noble of metals. Precious, eternal, warm and supple. The beauty, perfection and magic, a piece of gold jewellery becomes a part of ourselves.

Leonardo Ranucci: Because it is part of our roots and tradition; millions of years of gold jewellery have created a legend. If you have to dream it is better to have it on something precious and unique.

Silvia Boscarato: Gold always represents a sense of richness, of power but at the same time it is a symbol of love. There is a sense of hope and desire for change today but at the same time a desire to return to one’s roots and lost values. Gold, because a piece of jewellery must live and be worn.


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