Giovanna Raspini, moving with ease from one style to another

What is the main function of a jewel? Is it its aesthetic impact? Does the material it is made of determinate the beauty of an object? Giovanna Raspini has devised a way to overcome the problem. She put aside gold and silver in favour of alternative materials and designed new lines which carry out her very personal style and breaks with the tradition but, at the same time, keeps alive the very idea of ornament. She manipulates the materials in a marvellous way, developing new image solutions that exude an alluring femininity.

Her artistic creations are objects that can fill a space as if they were sculptures. The bracelet line Sirene is characterized by sober shapes. Its loose-knit bracelets have a mythological inspired silhouette, which gives gracefulness also to the important volume of the rigid bracelets. Little elements are seamed together to form a loose pattern in the bracelets, the ring and the earrings of the line Filigrana. Thin precisely cut baguettes are carefully gauged into voluminous curves, an element that multiplies exponentially to form the design of the line Allegra.

The same harmony as in the line le Schiave, where tradition in revisited through ribbed or wrought foils overlapping on a bed of suede. Her manner also reflects in her line of crystal covered collet bracelets that hug your wrist, as beautiful and romantic as a flower. Her creativity and her manual skills let her move with ease from one style to another, among collection whose most important feature is their originality.


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