GECI, the secrets to capture the beauty of gems and jewels

The Digital Macrophotography Course get under way from March 30 : two editions (one in Italian and one in English) in collaboration with FourPro Studio Sas.

Theory and practice together to learn how to capture the beauty of gems and jewels: starting shortly is the course in Digital Macrophotography of Jewels, a full-immersion training course launched by the GECI Institute for learning everything necessary in order to photograph some of the most difficult subjects to immortalise. The first edition, in Italian, will start on March 30 (until April 1) in the Milan office in Via delle Asole (Duomo underground station). It will return in English from June 8 to 10, in the same way: from 9:30 to 12:30 and from 13:30 to 16:30.

The course in Digital Macrophotography of Jewels, which is open to all operators and industry enthusiasts, is organised in collaboration with FourPro Studio Sas: the objective is to know and learn the best techniques of photography, evaluating the right ambience, light, perspective, shadows and reflections and learning how to document using technical photography, sell using the commercial photography and create emotions using artistic photography. These will be the key foci of the three days of lessons.

The course envisages a theoretical and a practical component to allow participants to acquire both professional training in photographing jewellery and the capacity to use the knowledge gained to put themselves to the test in taking photographs and be able to create unique and exclusive shots. In a world in which visual communication has become the most effective, incisive and emotional language, it is important to feed one’s messages, especially those related to social networks, through visual tools that reveal the best of one’s products.

This is what prompted the GECI Institute to include the Digital Macrophotography of Jewels course in its training offer, in order to provide its customers with the possibility of constant improvement. For more information about course organisation or the programme, please write to education@geci-web.com.



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