GECI, Master in Gem & Jewelry Management continue with Design Module

The yearly course at the Milanese Institution comes alive at VicenzaOro with a rapid analysis service for diamonds, coloured gemstones and jewelry.

The training of students for the Master in Gem & Jewelry Management at GECI is ongoing. After the session on Gemmology, dedicated to the study of diamonds and coloured gemstones, from 4th April, the Design module begins. The first edition of the Master is scheduled for October 2015 (with the second already being planned). It has been designed in order to best meet the demands of students.

The Design Module is divided across three different courses, which can also be taken separately. The Metals course will run from the 4th – 6th April. It focuses on the study of metals and alloys, their properties and use in jewellery. From 7th to 15th April, space will be given to the history of jewels. The Jewelry History course will discuss the many interesting insights across different historical periods, that led to major changes and innovations in jewelry creation, with a particular focus on the most successful international brands.

However, the last three weeks will be dedicated to design and sketching, with a detailed study of the different staining techniques, the various drawing tools and development of a creative design framework.  From 9th May, when the Design Module is finished, the Marketing Module begins. It is aimed at developing the best organizational strategies, and the most effective sales techniques applicable in the field.

On these days, up until Wednesday, 27th January, GECI is present at VicenzaOro, (Hall 3, Stand 118) with its laboratory that guarantees a quick analysis service for diamonds, coloured gemstones and jewelry. In addition, for all those visiting the Stand, the Institute will be featuring a wide range of training courses, designed to provide key skills and continuing professional development to the industry. All future meetings scheduled at the Milan branch will also be detailed. Those wishing for further information but unable to attend the fair, can call 342 8642401 or send an email to info@geci-web.com.


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