GECI, in October the new master in Gem & Jewelry Management

The Milanese Institute presents the calendar for the year 2015/16: An educational course of 8 months to prepare the future managers.

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New study course in GECI: The Milanese institute specialized in educational training and gemology certification, launches the new Master in Gem & Jewelry Management starting in October. With this new formula of study, the students will be prepared to become the future managers of the sector: they will be able to develop the necessary competences and knowledge to deal with the challenges of the market.

During 8 months there will be theory, of course, but also a lot of practice: frontal lesson, group work and case history on ethical, gems origin, traceability, identification of synthesis and treatment, jewel’s design, sketching and marketing. They represent only some of the subjects that will offer a solid knowledge background to every student.

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The Master in Gem & Jewelry Management has been defined by recent and innovative techniques in the didactic field and gemology research and supported by innovative technologies.
Moreover, the master is in English and it happens in GECI of Milan, one of the most famous city of design, in a country where history is strongly connected with the jewelry: an additional and intangible resource for every student who will choose GECI.

The educational offer of the Master includes three independent modules with an in depth analysis of the principals themes of the jewelry field: Gemology Module, Design Module & Marketing and Management Module.

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Alberto Osimo CEO of the institute says: “ I am very proud to add a new educational course of study to the current GECI educational proposals as I strongly believe in a multilayered and wide formation which can be the correct answer to the complexity of the modern market: The innovation is an important key element for GECI“.

It is possible to find info on the registration procedure and the course details by calling 02-84980022 or writing an e-mail to education@geci-web.com


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