Fani. Designs for your dreams

From workshop to dynamic and solid business, Fani is the result of an entrepreneurial choice, made by a group of experienced and very motivated professionals, a great organizational structure.

Aware of the need for an innovation, Fani is able to adapt its collection to the times, creating incredibly modern and fashionable designs, devising a diktat that plays on the antinomies strength/tenderness, emptiness/fullness. Each one of its jewels is a unique work of art, patented and guaranteed for the consumer protection, a Made in Italy present in the most exclusive high jewellery rooms and in the most important Italian and international boutiques.

The designer Maria Grazia De Rosi Bonifazi for Fani can evoke nature in vital and alluring shapes, bring together different worlds of accessorizes, which find their places in object characterized by a certain quality that makes them lovable. She has always looked at women with a different admiration and respect, she is able to capture their real essence and make their wishes come true. Some paint or carve statues, other sing for them, Fani, instead, makes women even more beautiful with jewels. To give life to a competitively priced dream, in the diamond line NY nai with a detail she enhances the value of the jewel; in this way, like in an evocative trompe l’oeil, seven gemstones merge into a solitaire of many carats with a dramatic brightness.

In the collection Goa, on the other hand, she breaks the mould inserting an additional element which perfectly complements the engraving, such as little commas covered in diamonds that create a lovely contrast with the yellow of gold. When she puts aside simplicity in favour of a colour explosion, the rubellite takes over the emeralds that surround it reinventing the structure of the ring in pink gold. Little details concur to create the charm: little refinements such as the little circle that connects the links of a chain or the catch of the interchangeable pendants that is disguised in a gracious circle in the parure whose main piece is the manchette bracelet.


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