Elegance gets through Govoni’s jewels

1980-2010. Thirty years. A long path. Time spent advising, suggesting and cuddling customers happy of meeting a jeweler to rely on, as they know Govoni creates very imaginative jewels. Govoni knows women love diamonds and invents bright new jewels.

Such jewels are lines that hold gems. Black diamonds and bright metals create unreal drawings, getting to simulate flower buds rounded by petals. A very high quality and creative jeweller’s craft that creates fantastic inventions mixing the colors of such a noble metal.

Red, white and yellow gold rings reflect the purity of white and black diamonds, winding waves from white to noir, sand dunes made of precious and pure gems. Eardrops hanging as if they were stalactites of light, or moving disks. A surprising result and a very good value for money to satisfy women’s desires.


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