Elegance, by Checcarini Preziosi

Live Elegantly, that’s the slogan of Checcarini Preziosi, the goldsmith company from Arezzo that has been investigating the many ever-changing facets of women. Year after year, and collection after collection, its jewels have become a necessary ornament to define a woman’s elegance, which today consists in an exceptional versatility. No one knows what a woman is going to wear tomorrow.

This mystery is embodied by the black silhouettes of the new advertising campaign by Checcarini Preziosi, where tree different kinds of women invite you to come and see the new collection 2010. Tree business-women carrying a briefcase, fashionably clothed in their party dresses, personify contemporary women, embellished each day with a new jewel by Checcarini Preziosi. It is the woman mystery that Checcarini tried to uncover with its new collection “A different day”, with silver necklaces carrying tree interchangeable elements in glass and original murano, all with a certificate of guarantee.

Versatility is the secret of the work of the Checarini brothers, Mirko and Sandro, who, from 1993, have established their mark as one of the leader designer labels on the goldsmith scene. Creativity and commitment to every demand of the market guided the search for the endless possibilities of change of the basic chain design, in an extraordinary variety of colours, shapes and materials.

The constant stylist research goes hand in hand with new trends, putting all its efforts in each phase of the process with just one target ahead: please every woman’s taste and at the same time preserve her elegance. To reach this target it is essential to be present on the market through events and trade fairs, in direct contact with the clients to test their changing needs. The market leader product is yet to come, never turn to the past but always look to the future. The Made in Italy crafts of the firm from Arezzo take new shapes each coming year with new collections, because you should never get used to beauty. And tomorrow… is a different day.


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