Diana wedding rings…and you can start celebrating!

People are nowadays celebrating very extravagant weddings, but no one can renounce to the wedding ring exchange. Wedding rings are a symbol for eternal love that will always be with married couple. Diana Fedi knows people desires and proposes new personalized collections in order to offer different solutions to each couple such as names and wedding dates carved on the ring, the classic French rounded ring, the crossed one made of three colored gold rings or the most precious ones with one or more stones. Each ring goes from 0.50 to 18 grams.

Giannotti Diffusione, together with Diana srl, has created a “Silver Display” for retailers where you can choose the ring that you like in order to be given the gold one. Such a solution will soon satisfy any request – trough carrier all over the Country – . This way less gold will be used to prepare a collection and customers will have a wider choice.


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