Daisy, Ice, Novecento, Primavera, Silvana and Velvet. Preciousness becomes part of a highly personal code

As in the art of interlacement, Ferraris’ jewelry highlights every detail. It is rather like an example of team work where each element contributes to create a captivating masterpiece.

They are the result of a personal expressive code in which diamonds give way to other elements, becoming accomplices to the vanity of multifaceted majestic gemstones that transform their sparkle into nuances that seem to steal the colors of the sea, the sand and the flowers. The gemstones are the undisputed protagonists – there are no smaller ones – and are set so closely together that they form a full pavé. They are superb pieces, with an ostentatious sobriety, where metal is no longer a natural support but becomes a sort of embroidery, a ramification of rare plants, a delicate and intricate web, or dancing octopus tentacles.

This is what represents the uniqueness of a style that embrace the six collections – Daisy, Ice, Novecento, Primavera, Silvana and Velvet, all of which differ in terms of structure and appearance, quite apart from the precious nature of the materials. Large snow-white or amber pearls soar amidst flowers whose petals of pure diamonds seem to be blown by a delicate breeze. Precious stones and gems rise above gold lacework and emphasize the elegance with delicate color contrasts. The regal elegance of the pieces continues in an endless play of coils and spires, subtle impalpable arabesques. A sparkle of notes and colorful transparent effects resound with joy created by the provocatively colorful playfulness of drops of rain from other worlds. Last but not least, the special texture of a rigid link for chains which, in the bracelets, uncoils to wrap round the wrist like thin velvet, with inserts of black stones and diamonds that create a joyful hovering harmony like notes that have escaped from a musical score.

Ferraris’ creations are ideas which project highly original plastic forms and geometries that are both personal and recognizable, the symbol of sophisticated femininity.


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