D.G. Preziosi. Every wish becomes jewel

There is no possible rule for Di Gennaro Preziosi: the only real law in good taste. For three generations the only ruling principle has been that it is the client who decides. On everything. Smooth or rigid lines. Bracelets, collier, curves and empty spaces to be filled with diamonds and gemstones. Chains of large or small links, a rigid and glossed band or a soft baroque frame and maybe also a flower, to be left pure as it naturally is or to be made more elaborate adding a diamond. Or three, or even ten, why not.

As the ancient Greek used to say, and Di Gennaro quotes: diamonds are “fragments of stars, tears of Gods”. If there are more their value is not debased, on the contrary the number is glorified. The cut does not matter. Whether it is drop-shaped or baguette, a trapezium or princess, the only thing that matters is for it to be the favourite one. The Di Gennaro family lets its customers decide, because it all depends on the fact that a jewel, once you are wearing it, becomes a part of your personality, it well integrates to your body and to your preponderances in order to embellish your figure.

Di Gennaro Preziosi offers thousands of choices from which to start, but none of them is definitive: it is only a draft. Each and every trait can be customized, adapted to one’s taste. A few, brief and immediate words to describe the universe of Di Gennaro Preziosi, which has realized for three generation objects capable of getting more and more precious thanks to pure diamonds and gemstones of various colours. Or, even more simply, of remaining the way they are: perfect in their authenticity.


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