Crieri, seductively alluring jewelry

Diamonds identify with aristocracy, an untouchable, elegant design. That is what Crieri jewelry is and the new “Cashmere” collection presesrves that bold charm characteristic of preciousness.

crieri doppio

White, pink or yellow gold to model modern shapes that explore new proportions, geometric patterns speckled with white diamonds colored ones, held together like a labyrinth of light, minute oases crossed by untouchable nuances or across several levels.

Crieri 1

The dimension of tradition, kept alive by expert Valenza goldsmith artisan hands and relating to an innovative chaining system – patented to protect exclusivity – giving each jewel a slow movement, flexibility as it lays across a woman’s body softly, like fine fabric; choker are sometimes frayed to resemble lace.

All Crieri creations are available at the most renowned jewelers in Italy and abroad.

crieri 1 crieri blu

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