Colored diamonds by Marcello Manna

Colored diamonds are currently a real market phenomenon. Among the leaders is Marcello Manna Bvba headquartered in Antwerp.

“Thanks to my passion for these natural wonders, my company is one of the primary intermediaries specialized for assortment and variety of colors of natural diamonds – states Marcello Manna, owner of the company – and a recent partnership will help us satisfy the recent needs coming from Europe.”

Demand come mostly from the USA, from some emerging countries and from metropolis in the most advanced western countries.

There is no official listing for natural colored diamonds but last year the low intensity colorings (light) increased by 10% and the stronger ones (vivid-intense) by 35% in yellows, pinks, oranges. In more rare colorings (red and blue), no history is available because of the exceptional transactions and the uniqueness of these gems on the market: such as the 2.39 kt GIA Fancy Vivid greenish/blue that passed through my hands!”

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