Chimento. Half a century of art and passion

Simple and versatile styles that mould the essence of femininity; high handicraft collections born from a creative verve, never crossing the line of delicacy. From 1964 Grisignano di Zocco, in the province of Vicenza, has been the background for the story of the Chimento family, who have become the protagonists of the Italian goldsmith sector in a few years.

Creativity and passion have given life to jewels which draw a new story that tells of an ancient tradition through their beauty. Pure goldsmith art, combined to innovative solutions that arouse strong emotions: a mission in common for the four collections, which reflect the soul of the brand. Fashion impersonates the most fashionable trends aiming to last in time; Gallery, on the other hand, represents the everlasting identity of the maison; Basic presents more classic models, while Haute Couture is an authentic expression of luxurious life. Class, style and attention to the details have become the makings of realizing unique jewels through the skilful use of colour, light and shapes.

The Amour heart is a copybook example: it carries yellow corundums, pink tourmalines, light blue topazes, garnet and diamonds in an embrace of precious yellow gold. The same metal we find in Boule, with little pink gold spheres burin engraved which carry the logo of the brand studded with diamonds. Precious gemstones enrich Hera, a minute bulging circle in three different kinds of gold. Amethyst, citrine and topaz quartz stand out in Imperial as the only protagonists of rings, necklaces and earrings in pink gold. The precious metal blends with yellow gold in Avantguarde in unusual concentric shapes in white and grey mother-of-pearl which seem to create a wonderful chain.

The brand also interprets in an impeccable way the men’s world, presenting multi-faceted collections. They combine both the classical and precious style and the research for what’s most trendy and young, also through the choice of materials. Speed, Culto, Screen and Aeternitas are some of the proposals dedicated to men who love to dare wearing charming necklaces of the most extravagant shapes. Fascinating collections meant for men and women as expressions of everlasting elegance.


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