Charmant JewelRy. Colours, shapes and emotions for you to customise

Choose an item of jewellery and arrange it to your personal taste, make it individual and unique. This has been the guiding philosophy behind Charmant Jewelry, conceived by the creative imagination of the team at Gotit Srl., a young company founded in Pescara in 2008.

Charman Jewelry gioielli personalizzabili con charms
The business can count on 130 years of experience in jewellery production on the part of the founding partners and their families. There are colours, shapes and emotions which tell a tale through your personal choice of meanings and symbols. And for every Charmant bracelet you buy, you receive a special gift of a beautiful bead (and more besides).

Charman Jewelry gioielli personalizzabili con charms
The highly individual symbols tell stories of love, life and friendship; encapsulated in many different shades, forms and materials ranging from silver sterling to Murano glass, zircons and crystals. A tasteful selection accessible to everyone: the affordable prices are determined by the company’s choice to offer an alternative to established brands, and to develop a strong identity of their own.

Charman Jewelry gioielli personalizzabili con charms
Indeed, the firm’s image, combined with its distinctive colours and attractive packaging, has succeeded in attracting a very loyal following. The strength of Charmant Jewelry, as the company acknowledges, is that they offer a highly saleable product with higher than average profit margins for the dealer. Also, their concept of partnership allows for absolute freedom in selecting what range to stock. This venture into the world of modular jewellery has managed to consolidate its position in just a few years, and become very attractive to both retailers and customers.


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